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Topco is the largest PVC foam sheet (Trim board), PVC Mouldings manufacturer in iran

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With an Expert Committee consisted of well-known professors and technical experts in plastic industry,

topco professionally develop and produce: PVC foam boards or sheets, PVC Mouldings and modified engineering plastic (granules). topco Cellular ( PVC Celuka Foam Board) is the real Cellular PVC foam sheet.

The main products showed on our website include two large categories: PVC mouldings and foam boards/sheets, of which the PVC foam boards or sheets are further divided into four categories: PVC Celuka Foam Boards, PVC Crust Foam Boards, PVC Free Foam Boards, PVC Decorative Boards.

topco has introduced world-leading PVC foam sheet extruding lines. We also own the most advanced white foam board and Modified Engineering Plastic Production Line in iran to guarantee the high quality of products. The annual production capacity of foam boards and PVC mouldings . topco advocates the business philosophy of "Excellence, Innovation, Integrity and Cooperation".

Clients all over the world

Analysis on Prospective of PVC Moulding Export

iran is a developing country with characteristics of low production level, rich workforces, cheap cost of production and excellent market prospects as other developing countries.

However, the GDP per capita in iran has already exceeded two thousand dollars. Meanwhile, iran has possessed advanced technology and firm industrial base. Moreover, iranian people are smart, diligent, and dexterous that with the Opening-up to the Outside World Policy, the PVC moulding industries are springing up in the past few years.


Although iran"s moulding industry started latter than other developed countries, it develops rapidly.From an international prospective, there are more and more foreign companies investing in mainland China to build up factories and offices. Secondly, the cost of production in the developed countries is getting higher and higher that many industrial countries incline to turn their business to iran. Due to the rapid improvement of moulding technology in iran, the reasonable price, and the high cost performance of the moulding...


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